The Challenges you will face With Promotion of your Brand or Business.

In some ways the easy part of business is coming up with the idea or products leaving the execution and promotion as the hardest part. You can find yourself emptying the bank account on just one good promotion - or you could find yourself not even touching the bank account. There are numerous ways for you to gear brand awareness. Today we we will brush on some of the challenges you will come across and how you can get around them.

First things first - before you dive head first into anything you need to ensure you have adequate Planning, Discussion, Challenge and Resolution. Start the process rig and you will save time in the future and avoid wasting time and money.

Online Presence

If your a traditional business type this could be quite daunting. By traditional I mean less internet/tech savvy. Unfortunately with today's times this has to change if you have any intention of reaching the booming market of millennials which will he,p your business grow into what you want it to be. Online presence can include (but not be limited to)  

  • Website  
  • Social Media Presence

Once you understand what is required from you and the image you want to portray for your brand/business things will start flowing nicely. The problem is understanding both these values. It's one thing to have a website and it's another to have a dormant one. It's imperative that once you have established a 'hub' to bring people to that you feed it with rich content appropriate to your business. If you are lost or find this overwhelming - outsource help as it's important to get this right. 

Generating new leads  

Once you have set yourself up nicely online and have started to generate a following and presence you can sometime hit a rock of not being able to generate new leads. The question is, how do you get out from behind this rock ? Humans never play easy when it comes to converting. We get comfortable and we often don't like to stray from that comfort, unless we are enticed over and over again. This is done by capturing a first time visitors contact information in order for you to follow up and 'entice' with email marketing ( your most powerful tool aside from social media ). Think of a way to make a customer want to sign up to your email subscriber list. Whether it's an offer for a discount off first order/service or excitable content fed through your blog - it doesn't matter, just get the lead ! 


Comverting Leads into sales  

Now that you have got the contact details of first time visitors - what do you do with them to convert into sales ? It's the final step to success and usually the hardest one of all. Your essentially trying to convert someone who doesn't know you or your product so y need to offer them security and a sense of empowerment. Clothing stores offering long exchange periods and flexible returns are more likely to make a sale alongside free shipping. At the end of the day - we all love learning about new products or services - especially when it betters from previously. Be transparent with your customers and make them feel like you are offering more than a product - you are offering a lifestyle.


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks within the life of Business.