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Music and Business is much the same, pick a song, practice hard, and have fun

My skill base is predominantly in sales and marketing; however my technical knowledge allows me a unique understanding of today’s new media, mobile and technology trends that are impacting business decisions on a daily basis.

Quote: David Hayes: “All too often we see companies that fail to integrate marketing and sales conversion using the latest technology. Furthermore, we are all experiencing “multi-system madness”, where the marketing, sales and fulfilment systems and teams do not talk to each other. This increases costs, frustrates customers, restricts sales and limits profit”.

My life portfolio of work has given me the opportunity to work across numerous sectors of the media, telecommunications, IT, sales, marketing, advertising and entertainment industries and now bookkeeping and accounting services. This has given me unique insights into the key business drivers for company and organisation success.

This is principally achieved by integrating sales, marketing, technology and people. Over the years, I have been referred to as a “people person” and many clients have simply stated that I was able to become a friend, rather than just a business colleague, many of whom have chosen to maintain their business relationships with me and the companies I have worked for over the years.

Additionally I have featured in a number of TV Commercials as talent, which also provides a background for public speaking. I am seeking business relationships where I can use my experiences. David Hayes 

A great business mantra:

"It is not the aptitude but the attitude that dictates the altitude" - Greg Solomon