The Fundamentals of Grant Writing

First things first. A grant is non-repayable funds or products dispersed by one party - generally a government body to a not for profit, educational institution, business or individual. 

Why would a Grant benefit you ?

Keeping in mind that benefits will be different amongst business owners as they will specify to your chosen field. Generally speaking though a Grant can offer many benefits including: 

  • A stepping stone for you to begin what you have worked so hard towards
  • Business growth
  • Create more opportunities within your business
  • Financial breathing room

Grants are created to be given. Those who provide companies like yours grants - need to assign their grants to someone. So why not you ! 

Why is it important to write an above average Grant application?

As you would have thought and discovered by now - you are not the only startup. This also means you unfortunately aren't the only one going for your Grant. So above average keeps you a step ahead of the crowd. Here are some key aspects to to think about :

  • Know your Grant provider . You wouldn't interview for a business you don't know - so don't apply for a Grant off someone you know nothing about. 
  • Ensure your content is what they want to hear

             - Who will benefit ?

             - What project will you use it for  ?

             - how much will your project cost you ? 

             - what are the risks associated with your project ? 

             - Is it a one off or do you need ongoing funding ? 

             - How will you measure your outcomes to show when your project is completed ? 

  • Ensure the amount you are asking for is within the Scope of the provider. 
  • Research potential competitors going for your Grant. Do you have an edge over them.   
  • Plan ahead - quality applications take time. Don't look for grants that are closing within the week. 

Where can you find what Grants are available  ?

local government body sites  

Questions ? Need advice ?  

Contact me  - I am an experienced Grant writer with a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be taught !