17A will guide the business owner to outsource business and marketing functions empowering the opportunity to focus on growing the business and saving overheads




Preparing financial records for any company large or small you need to trust a company that delivers in a professional, timely and cost effective manner. Deliverables should empower you to make informed decisions. Vertaccount specialise in being a resource for Accounting and Bookkeeping firms, as well as providing a valuable resource for company CFO's. 

My recommendation is www.vertaccount.com 
Professional and Affordable

Accounting Services


Accountants are essential for any business. It is not simply a matter of putting the numbers in the right place, but asking the question WHY. I have personally selected a range of accounting firms, all of whom have specialities, be it advisory, tax, audit, or just good counsel. A number of reliable Accounting firms are listed in my Friends page, but happy to firstly understand your needs and advise who best suits.

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The challenge of marketing your product or service in this day and age is complex, with multiple business and consumer touch points. First stage of any strategy is planning, discussion, challenge, and resolution. A good marketing team will tell you it is all about "Test / Fix".  Once you really know where you want to be positioned, you will know how to get there and the resources you need to achieve your marketing KPI's. Talk is cheap and spending unnecessary dollars is dumb and expensive. 17A has a range on engagement tools that can compliment any marketing strategy.

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Mobile Engagement


Mobile Engagement is an essential element in getting your customers to where you want them to be, understanding what they do, how they do it, and most importantly why.

The platform I use is unique in it's ability to interface two way data with existing CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Zoho, Marketo and many more. We can also build bespoke API's.

Just think of having an open rate of 90% within 90 seconds ! 

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Loyalty & Reward


Changing people's behaviour is the holy grail of marketing. Can we achieve it through reward? Basically "Yes" 

17A has a unique tool to be able to track, locate, transact, reward and present preference based recommendations. With no change at Point of Sale. Basically game changing and very disruptive.

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Coming soon is mDollar changing the way we transact and reward.


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David Hayes 

Insurance Line TV


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The spoken word is a major marketing tool, be it Radio or TV Commercials, Audio Books, Audio Blogs, Audio Tracks for Corporate Presentations, Audio backing for You Tube presentations or instructional videos. The list in endless.

If you require a voice track for any reason please have a listen to my showreel and if it suits your requirements please fill out my contact page and I will contact you at the earliest convenience. 

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